As a practicing dental hygienist for over 24 years I suffer from the chronic neck, shoulder, arm & hand pain that are associated with my profession.  Before I met Debi the massages I received were nothing more than a ‘quick fix’, temporary relief at best.  Debi is constantly taking some continuing education course.  I believe she’s at the top of her profession.  She is the best massage therapist I’ve ever worked with & I heartily recommend her.

Oram Henderson, RDH

Debi Derham has been an angel for me.  I injured my shoulder several months before I first went to her.  I had nagging pain and restricted movement in the shoulder and I was uncomfortable most of the time.  She fixed it in just two visits!  She is gentle, but tough, and she has wonderful instincts for finding the sore spots and getting rid of them.  I appreciate all the modalities she is trained in and how she uses them to treat me in the best way for me.  I will be her client for a long, long time. 
   Judy Maloy
                                                                                          Cash Flow Solutions

Debi has been my massage therapist for over 3 years.
Why?  Because she is excellent at what she does.  She studies & fixes all my aches.  I take fewer meds since she has been working on me.  I sleep better and I'm aging slower.
She has a way of removing the stress that is our downfall.
                                                                                 Michael Poisson
                                                                               Valley resident

Debi Derham is an extraordinary healer. When on the massage table, one senses her hovering around like a dragonfly, sensing and deploying her extra-sensory powers to hone in on the trouble spots in the body. Before I met Debi, I was a plain old academic, a skeptic and a rationalist. Now, even I believe in magic. Thank you, Debi, for being the kind, compassionate, and extremely gifted creature that you are.
                                                                     Ravi Rajan
                                                                                                          Associate Professor of                                                                                                            Environmental Studies, 
                                                                                               University of California, Santa Cruz

Debi Derham was referred to me because she has an excellent reputation in medical massage.  I recently broke my ankle in 2 places.  The broken ankle is secondary to chronic nausea which forces me to stay in bed to control the vomiting.  

To secure the broken ankle, the doctors used a walking cast which weighs 5 lbs.  The heavy weight around my broken ankle pulled my entire skeletal system out of alignment.  Not only did I have acute pain in my ankle, but just about every where else; neck, shoulders, upper back, lower back, thighs compounded by scoliosis and fallen arches.  

She is extraordinarily competent and has a thorough understanding of musculoskeletal anatomy.  She can name a complex series of muscle and fascia for each area she massages.   I asked her how the pain in my arch can be stopped.  She showed me a small muscle that runs along the Achilles tendon.  I was quite impressed.  To start with, she addresses the parts of my body in pain.  Then she incorporates several types of disciplines as part of the treatment.  She uses moderate to deep massage in a very methodical manner.  She also employs aspects of Feldenkrais to increase mobility and reset the central nervous system.  This enables the body to “hold the proper position” for a greater length of time than with massage alone.

Before I started working with Debi I had lost a great deal of mobility and flexibility due to a long term illness.  I trust that Debi will continue to give me relief from pain and get me solidly on my feet again.  And I enjoy her down to earth and fun personality.  I will be working with Debi for quite some time.

LaVonne Whitley
Marketing Director

 One week at a time Debi saves my life with her massages.  
                                                                                     Joan Rose Staffen
                                                                                     Joint Solutions
                                                                                      WriteStar Publishing

 From Yelp:

Debi was was waiting patiently for me as I ran up from a long day of working with kids. We were at Camp, and our director hired a couple of the ladies to come and do body work on our staff...
What a nice surprise! 
Debi did wonderful work finding parts of my body that screamed for attention. Too bad I had to go right back to work again after!
Thanks again for your treatment and your advice.
Robert B. 
Foster City, CA

Debi is the bomb. I have been seeing her for over a year now and does amazing bodywork. I go in for neck, shoulder and back pain hence my job and many car accidents (none my fault lol) over the years. I always feel so much better after my massage. I have heard Karen, the owner, is awesome too. totally recommend them and their prices are very reasonable.
Elaine A. 
Brookdale, CA

Debbi is amazing!!  She didn't  just remove my pain, she found and treated the source of the pain (in one short session!). She explained to my why I was experiencing it, and made suggestions as to how I could prevent  recurrences.   I recommend Debbi without hesitation, and will visit her again if / when the need arises.  In the meantime, I am grateful to have found such healing power (knowledge) in an honest soul.
tim b. 
Belmont, CA